-Day 12, My Favorite Anime Character- -( 30 Day Anime Challenge)- – Mark’s Blog-

This is actually a hard one to do but, lets get into our blog post! ( Sorry for being gone for a while)!


Who’s my favorite Anime Character?

Ehhh!? My favorite Anime Character you say? Who would I choose, Kirito, Kaneki, Luffy, Naruto, Ichigo, Gon, Kenichi, Natsu, Rin, and bunch more Anime Characters, which is my favorite!

I choose Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul.

Why’s Kaneki Your Favorite Anime Character?

(Some Spoilers)

I don’t know, he cracks his nuckles very awesomely and his personality changes into an awesome psycho when his hair turned white. Kaneki, has been through things and now he’s presumably dead. (But he might be alive, because people are saying Haise is Kaneki; and I agree).


p_00016Arima_defeats_KanekiJust Incase you forgot.


Kaneki getting knocked down so many times and getting back up then back down, this is what I like about Kaneki. He started out weak, then he became fricken strong and wrecks people. ( Until that happened ^ ).

TokyoGhoulPicWhy do people create this. #KanekiConfirmedAliveAsHaise.

What’s your favorite moments in Tokyo Ghoul that Includes Kaneki ( Anime) ? 

Well, one of my favorite moments is when Kaneki becomes a ghoul and then he meets Touka.


Lastly, Kaneki Vs Yamori/Jason.


Anything else before I go?

Nope, but if you read the Manga, you’ll understand this scene.

Welcome, to Anteiku.

Currently one of my most favorite scenes from Tokyo Ghoul! Also, I have a feeling Tokyo Ghoul season 2 is going to end pretty soon because, its Welcome to Anteiku, The Owl Apears/Eto :O!!!! then “It’s all right, I already knew”, then it’s KANEKI AND ARIMA, NOOOOOO!

Well, I guess that’s all, see you guys later, Peace!



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