-Day 10, My Favorite Genre Of Anime- – (30 Day Anime Challenge)- -Mark’s Blog-

Well, I guess this is an interesting topic for me.

So what is my favorite Genre?

Ehh… Don’t judge me but, Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance and fighting. If I could choose one really, it would be slice of life.For example, Isshuukan Friends and Toradora are Slice Of Life.

What’s Slice Of Life and which are favorites.

Slice Of Life pretty much means, a realistic view of life and a story about a person’s life (In the most simplest terms). Well now we have, which are my Favorites!

Well actually, my favorites are Isshuukan Friends and Toradora ( Like I said before) and the reason they’re my favorites is because, their stories are actually realistic and they both have the most best and saddest story ever. (Its so good that you just have to give them a hand and cry your heart out).

What’s Toradora?


A story about your two main characters Ryuuji and Taiga, they both become each others wingmen trying to get their crushes to date them.  They both have each others back when they go through dangerous situations in Highschool and they help each other outside of Highschool.

My Ratings for Toradora.

Story: 8/10 One of the most Original and funniest Story ever!

Animation: 7/10 It’s okay I guess, not bad.

Opening: 5/10 (Only for English dub) The ending is, not so great in my opinion but I guess its okay.

Ending song: 6/10 Eee-hhh, its okay.

Characters: 6/10 The Character Development is a bit low but the Characters in general are pretty good.

Over all rating 8/10: This show is one of my favorites, there’s some moments that make me just say “WOAH”, and WHAT THE HECK and also, “GAAA-HHHH IT’S SO SAD!!!

What’s Isshuukan Friends?


A show about a Lonely girl named Fujimiya and her friend Hase. They both hang out every week but, on every  Monday, she’ll forget all of her memories that happened in that week.

My Rating for Isshuukan Friends/ One Week Friends:

Story: 9/10 It has an Original story, I really think it does.

Animation: 8/10 I never seen this type of art style before but I guess they Animated pretty okay.

Opening 7/10 It’s not one of my favorite opening songs but I got to say, its okay.

Ending Song 9/10 One of my favorite ending songs but not openings. This kind of sets the mood, and when I’m saying “setting the mood” I mean,  get ready to cry.

Characters 7/10 Not bad, most of the characters have their own story and they do explain a bit about their selfs as well in the Anime.

Over All Rating 9/10 One of the most saddest shows I’ve probably watched and one of the most beautifulest story that I’ve probably ever seen in my life. I suggest new Slice Of Life Anime Watchers to see this show. It’s what real Slice Of Life Anime shows should look like and you’ll understand a bit about that Genre.


Anything else I would like to say before I go?

I think I should rewatch some shows and, I’ll probably rewatch Isshuukan Friends/ One Week Friends and probably some new shows that I’ve never seen before like Watamote.

And before I go here are some videos!


( Toradora Trailer, English dubbed, sorry for no English Subs) :



(Isshuukan Friends Trailer, it’s in Japanese and there’s no English Subtitles, sorry) :



(Extra, would you prefer Hase’s Ending song better or Fujimiya’s Ending song)? :

Lyrics of Kanade (Translated in English)

The hands that connected in front of the ticket-gate, the usual commotion and a new wind
Even though I wanted to see you off with a smile, I wasn’t able to smile well as I watched after you

It seemed like the season you became an adult
Was not filled with sad songs
I wanted to say something to you in the end
I was searching for word to say instead of ‘goodbye’

I used to think that it was my duty to take your hand and lead you
But now I understand, we are not like that anymore
Look, all the days (that we spent together) were piling up and guiding us

This time when you are becoming an adult
It piles on me and changes me too
If a song like this would exist there
Then the two of us will be able to stay connected no matter what happens

The sound of the bell that suddenly rings
I let go of your hand in a hurry and you move away from me
I called out to you earnestly and hugged you
No matter where you are, I will protect you with my voice

From the day that you appeared in front of me
Anything and everything feels very close
The mornings, the light, tears and a singing voice
You made it all shine brilliantly

Placing all my feelings that I cannot control in this voice
I’m sending it off to the faraway town where you are
If (that voice) is such a song
We will be able to stay connected no matter where we are


(The Person That Actually Created The Song) :


Well that’s all for now guys, see you guys later, Peace!




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