-Day 9, An Anime I Never Thought Of Watching But Liked It- -( 30 Day Anime Challenge)- -Mark’s Blog-

Before I talk about my Review

Luckily I have one show on my mind that I’ve watched before and I wasn’t expecting to watch this show. So, let’s get into my Challenge!

What Anime show did you never thought about watching but liked it?

Well, I only have one show and its “Angel Beats” . How I found the show Angel Beats, well, I heard Angel Beats was a good show and a sad show. So I thought to my self, eeeeh… I guess I should watch the first episode? And so, I watched the first episode of Angel Beats. 10 Hours later from watching Angel Beats, I GOT TO WATCH MORE! Angel Beats in my opinion probably has to be one of the best Animes out there and Angel Beats story is just SO GOOD, and so MESSED UP, which makes me feel like; SO that’s how they died or lived a messed life, DAANG!

What’s Angel Beats?

Angel Beats revolves around people who lived unhappy lives and now they’re forced to live in a world where you cannot die and if you achieve true happiness, you’ll disappear. It’s unknown on where they’ll disappear to but, they’ll disappear. In that world there’s also a group that goes by the name “SSS” and their also the people who lived unhappy lives as but, their goal is to “rebel against the God” and to fight a girl named “Angel”. ( They don’t want to disappear so that’s why they say “Rebel against the god” and they’re not referring to any god in any religion so please don’t take any offense from that Quote ).


 What do you like about Angel Beats?

Angel Beats has to be like, 9/10 for story, 8/10 for animation, Opening/ending song 7/10, OST (Original Sound Tracks) 9/10, Overall on how I good I think it is, 10/10.

I really like Angel Beat’s story, how everyone dies and how everyone disa-, haha I almost gave out a spoiler there but, thinking about Angel Beat’s story though, just makes me sad XD . If Angel Beats gets a season 2, I really think the story would be messed up but any ways, I guess I have nothing else to talk about.

Anything Else before I go?

Nope, nothing. Here’s the Trailer, opening, and ending song of Angel Beats.


Opening Song (Not my Favorite Opening song but it’s pretty good) :

Ending Song ( at the end of the Anime: Why you do this to me ANGEL BEATS)! :

(Extra, Angel Beats SSS theme) :

Well I guess that’s all for now guys, see you later, Peace!


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