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Since I finished Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 ( a month ago), why not watch some more good shows.

Most of the shows that I rewatched were mainly Fighting Animes and a bunch other types of Genres and since I missed my “Depressing Anime Shows” day, why not watch somethings I consider sad 😀 !

Here are the lists on shows I’ll think about watching:

Toradora (I got to admit, this show is funny and the story gets allot more sadder as you progress through the show).:

Isshuukan Friends/ One Week Friends (I love this episode so much, GAAA-SH)

Angel Beats (This show includes fighting so I’ll think about it. This show makes me want to burst out in tears and laughter right about now) :

5 Centimeters Per Second ( One of the most saddest movies, especially Chapter 3 of the Movie, it reminds me of how that one guy should’ve gone for that one girl, but now she’s married. JEEZ! Making me sad already, lol). :

Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou ( This show really isn’t that sad, but I guess it’s some what saddening for me. Bewarn for Kawaii things and some very, very weird things). :

“Say I Love You” ( I can’t remember if this was the correct show that was very depressing or not but, oh well, its on the list). :

And that’s my list.

Wow, as I look back at my list, about half of it Romance, 25% Fighting, and the other 25% Slice of life/ School Life, hmmmm. I must be a man that loves to watch very deep down depressing anime shows that includes mostly Shoujo. ( Joking guys, I equally like Shonuen and Shoujo and for many reasons, *COUGH COUGH* they make Yuri and Yaoi shows go to far * COUGH COUGH* I mean what)? Now It’s time for me to choose one. Well not right now but later, Peace!


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