-Day 7, An Anime I Never Finished- – (30 Day Anime Challenge)- -Mark’s Blog-

Well, lets see what I have on my list. Hmmm, so it seems I haven’t finished this Anime yet.

Day 7, What Anime you didn’t finish?

So there will be one on my list and on that list is; Sword Art Online Season 3/ Gun Gale Online Arc/ Alfheim Arc. (Hmmm I wonder why I haven’t finished this, oh yeah I remember now, they brought back the Alfheim arc)!


What’s Sword Art Online/ SAO?

Sword Art Online is about a your Main Character, Kirito/ Kazuto Kirigaya and he’s trapped in a Virtual video game where there’s no escape. With over One-Hundred-Thousand people trapped in the game with him, Kirito has to fight these Virtual Bosses in order for him and everyone else to survive and leave that Virtual game. If you die in game, you die in real life.

What do you like about Sword Art Online/ SAO?

All I can say is, I liked Season one, Season two and Season three (the Gun Gale Online Arc). I liked the idea that, Sword Art Online was a Virtual Game where you can die and that SAO was beautiful story by its self but, when SAO started to be somewhat like a Harem and the show wasn’t like Kirito and Asuna it started to be like, Kirito and Shino I started to lose interest in SAO. ( I Mean like, how old is Kirito, 20 something and Shino’s like, 16)? I like SAO Season one and Season 2 and they should’ve stopped there but oh well, lets get back to saying good things instead of saying “How bad SAO gets on different Arcs”. Sword Art Online makes one of the best Anime Opening songs, the Animes Animation, and making one of the best Anime stories. You know, I like all of SAO’s Anime Opening song, SAO Season 1 the SAO arc, SAO Season 2 the Alfheim Arc, SAO Season 3 the Gun Gale Online Arc, but not SAO Season 4’s Arc song. The only ending song I liked about Sword Art Online was, SAO Season 1’s Ending. I guess that’s all I had to say about Sword Art Online.

Anything Else I would like to say before I go?

Nope I got nothing else to say but, Enjoy these three videos.

SAO Opening Song:

SAO Ending song:

SAO Trailer (Sorry, its english Dubbed) :


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