-Day 6, An Anime I Want To Watch- – (30 Day Anime Challenge) – -Mark’s Blog-

( Warning, some Videos may Contain Sexual references and Inappropriate scenes) Even though I’m 14, I’m going to continue with this anyways. -Mark

There’s so many shows out there in the Anime world that I want to watch but if I could only choose one I’d choose, Watamote/ No Matter How I look at It, It’s your Guy’s Fault I’m Not Popular. ( I don’t understand how “Watamote” means all of that but, LOL).

Well anyways, I was suggested this show by a friend of mine that I know in real life and she actually has a blog, I Am A Dreamer. So you know what guys? Why not write about Watamote.


Why do you want to watch Watamote?

When I first saw this show ( I watched half of the first episode), and I bursted out laughing throughout the episode.  Yes, I know that there are some very sexual scenes in this show ( and some weird ones too)  but I guess that’s alright. Also, I can some what relate to this show and, I bet some other Otaku’s would relate to this show too. Even though this show is about a lonely weird Otaku/ Mojyo girl, it’s surely one heck of a funny show. So yeah, I guess that’s why I want to watch Watamote, because it’s funny and Relatable. ( Also my friend suggested it to me lol).

When will you watch Watamote?

Hmm, not any time soon but, hopefully I have time to watch this series and other Anime series as well.

Anything else I would like to say?

All I can say is, sorry for making this post short and hopefully I have more time to do things such as read Manga/ Watch Anime and then write a blog post about it but, I’m too busy. Once again, Thank you I Am A Dreamer for Suggesting me this show and hopefully I get done with my homework, ha! -Mark

Before I go, here’s Watamote’s Opening song, Ending song, and Trailer! :

Watamote Opening ( This Opening song looks so Misleading but the Lyrics Relate allot about the show XD ) :

Watamote Ending ( I’m having second thoughts on watching this show now because of this ending LOL) :

WateMote Trailer ( Yep, I’m definitely having second thoughts on this show, it’s too sexual O_O. I”m going back to watching Shonen, oh wait this genre is Shonen, what!?) :

Heh, see you guys later, Peace.


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