-Day 5, An Anime I Can’t Stand- -(30 Day Anime Challenge)- – Mark’s Blog-

Before I write about this question,

This one is going to be a hard one.

What Anime I Just Can’t Stand?

Well, I like most of the Animes that I watch but, there are some Animes that I really just hate and some aspects of the show that really gets annoying, its One Piece.

What’s One Piece?

One Piece is about the Main Protaganist Monkey D. Luffy and his journey to becoming the “Pirate King”. For him to claim the name of “Pirate King” he has to sail out to sea and find the presumably dead, Pirate King Rogers Treasure, “One Piece”.

Why I don’t like One Piece some of the times?

I like watching One Piece and its actually quite awesome to watch but, sometimes they take things to far. They try to make jokes which is probably funny the first time but when they do it 100 times later, it gets annoying. For example, when chopper gets complimented or one of Luffys crew mates does something really “dumb”.  One piece is probably one of my favorites when it comes to Anime but sometimes they just make the show really annoying.

What do you Like about One Piece?

Allot of things actually, One Piece has a pretty okay Art style, every single one of Luffy’s Crew mates have the must EPIC-EST stories ever, the Music is SO BAD ASCE (Get the refrence?), the Opening Songs are AWESOME (most of them), and having a Pirate ERA type Anime is genius. ( its not your stereotypical type Pirate show, it’s like a real pirate show with awesome powers ( Devil Fruits) and Over Powered people as well. Well, not really like a really realistic pirates show but more better than your stereotypical Pirates, if you know what I’m talking about). This show is truly great, Luffy and everyone else’s story into becoming pirates is just amazing and its so amazing that, I watched 400+ episodes from One Piece which ranges from 25 Minutes per Episode. ( which is 166 hours in total).

Anything Else I would like to say before I go?

No but, If you haven’t seen One Piece, you guys should really watch One Piece just because it’s awesome. I mean, I watched 400 Episodes of it right, of course its that good. I’m not even on the current episode of One Piece, theres like 690 episodes for One Piece in total.

Well, before I go, here’s the first Opening song for One Piece, the One Piece Battle Themes, and One Piece sad songs,


One Piece Opening:

One Piece Battle Theme:

One Piece Sad Soundtrack:


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