-Day 4, My Anime OTP/One True Pair- – ( 30 Day Anime Challenge)- -Mark’s Blog-

Before I talk about anything else.

So yeah; Day 4, let’s get into our blog post.

Day 4, My Anime OTP/One True Pair

Um, I’m not the Romance Genre type of guy ( OR YAOI OR EVEN YURI! By the way, Yaoi means, Men liking other Men, and Yuri is, Women Liking other Women. and there’s a lot of reasons why I don’t watch Yaoi and Yuri, because they always make is so sexual and yes I do know theirs a Genre for that too but I’m not going to get into depth with that). So, I really don’t have an answer for this question I guess. I would say, Hase and Fujimiya from Isshuukan Friends/ One Week Friends.


What is Isshuukan Friends/ One Week Friends?

This show is about two highschool students and they’re both in the same school. Hase notices a girl who always seems to be lonely and doesn’t even have friends. After Hase goes up to this girl Fujimiya, he says ” I’d like us to be friends”! Later on, Fujimiya says to Hase saying, I can’t, I’ll forget you in a week. ( Or something like that).

What do you like about Isshuukan Friends/One Week Friends?

This show was just sad in general and this show really has an Original story to it. The Animation looked okay, the Opening/endings where okay, the characters were okay, and the story was great! There were just a bunch of moments where I would look at an episode and just say “KISS ALREADY”! But that wouldn’t make a good story, eh? So anyways, I don’t know if Hase or Fujimiya becomes friends or more than friends because they don’t show it in the Anime but, I guess I should watch the Manga to find out. ( If you know if they do become a couple then don’t tell me). -Mark


Anything Else I would like to say?/If you haven’t seen One Week Friends.

Nope nothing else to say but, If you haven’t seen One Week Friends here’s the Trailer, Opening song, and Ending song of One Week Friends.


One Week Friends Trailer ( Sorry I couldn’t find a Trailer, If I find one I’ll share it with you guys). -Mark


One Week Friends Opening:


One Week Friends Ending:


(Can someone tell me if this is Shonen Or Shoujo or both)? Well anyways, Peace and see you guys later!


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