-Day 2, My favorite Anime- – (30 Day Anime Challenge)- -Mark’s Blog

So, day 2, let’s get into my Challenge.

What’s My Favorite Anime?

My favorite Anime, hmmm. I really don’t have a particular Favorite but, I’ll just say, Magic Kaito 1412 is probably my favorite Anime.



What’s Magic Kaito 1412 about?

Your Main Character Kaito Kuroba, he lives as a Magician thief that steals all types of jewels, trying to find the “Pandora Gem”. The Gem is supposed to grant immortality when you hold the gem while pointing it to the moon. Kaito Kuroba took his fathers role as “Kaitou the Phantom Theif/ Katiou Kid” after his dad died due to an organization that’s also looking for the “Pandora Gem”.

Why is Magic Kaito 1412 so great to you?

He’s a magician that performs tricks and defeats real “Magic users” with it. (LOL). Just kidding Just kidding ( No pun Intended). The few first episodes of Magic Kaito were kind of “Pervert-ish” and weird but, later on in the Anime, the Anime starts to get good and his Magic Tricks get better too. Kaito Kuroba’s story is just amazing. His dad Toichi Kuroba, was actually Kaitou and performed tricks and stole gems for the right reason, unlike other theifs. Including that Toichi Kuroba was an Amazing Magician and he used Magic tricks for his Heists, it’s just awesome. Now Kaito Kuroba is doing his fathers job as “Kaitou Kid”, it’s just pure awesomeness.


Some of my favorite scenes from Magic Kaito 1412:

(Sorry that their full episodes but I skipped all of the videos to the scenes).

Anything else I would like to say before I go?

Nope I got nothing else to say; Peace!


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