-Day 1, First Anime- – (30 Day Anime Challenge Retaken)- -Mark’s Blog-

Before I do the 30 Day Anime Challenge let me just say, I’m happy I retook this Challenge and I hope you guys enjoy this Post. -Mark

What was my very first Anime?


This one is simple; Naruto.


I started to watch Naruto when I was about 4 years old and my Brother introduced it to me. ( Now this is the 7th or 6th time I said this). I also watched other Animes like Dragon Ball Z and Bleach but I am pretty sure I’ve seen Naruto as my very first Anime.

What is Naruto?

Naruto is the Main Character/ Main Protagonist of the story and people in this show live in a Ninja Era. When Naruto grew up as a kid he was shunned by most of the people in his Village and he has no parents. Later on in Naruto’s Life he grows up to be a Ninja for his Village. ( This show gets better as you progress in watching it. There are about 200 Episodes in Naruto and about 400 Episodes in Naruto Shippuden).

What do you like about Naruto?

Naruto has always grew up with me since 2004 and I still watch it till this day. I never knew much about Naruto’s Story but, I’m going to rewatch Naruto and Naruto Shippuden some day. Naruto has always been original and I’m talking about their stories, their Animation, their Skills, Ranks, Clans, Villages, just everything; it’s all just original.

Anything else I would like to say?

Not much but, I hope this 30 Day Anime Challenge goes well. Well Peace!



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