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It took me a while guys but finally; I’m there. I’m truly happy to see my blog rise up to 50 Followers and now that I look back at all of my old followers and new ones, it makes me happy just to see what you guys have done to give me feedback on my blog and sometimes support. Once again, that really makes me happy. So, since its my 50th Follower Celebration, let me introduce my self and my love for VideoGames, Anime and a bunch of other things.

My Childhood,

If you didn’t already know my Full name is Mark T. Yang JR but I’m usually just called, “Mark”. I’m 14 years old and currently I’m a middle schooler in the 8th Grade. My childhood was all right and I was raised well by my two parents, and I live with one older brother and one younger sister ( I considered my Childhood to be in the Elementary years). I was a shy and dorky kid with no social skills and I couldn’t even have one conversation with eye contact. Luckily I wasn’t alone when I started out Elementary, I still had one friend and me and him were friends until we graduated and I guess we kind of went our Separate ways ( I still find him as my best friend and he was a Boy). Me and Him, we were both the same race and we were both the same age, it was the perfect friendship. Later on in my Elementary Life, I was very emotional, infact I cried in 5h grade just because someone broke my glasses ( Party Glasses). Throughout k4-3rd grade girls were always there to defend me when ever someone bugged me or tried to be mean to me ( I don’t know why those girl protected me, I guess I was nice but yet again I don’t think I was a nice person in Elementary). 5th grade for me was just like one of those things you do before you go and so, when it was valentines day I was surely surprised and when it was December and it was the last day for school, I was also surprised . I’ll start off with December first because, December came first than January second (Valentines day). On the last day of school, I had money and there was a store in our school where you can buy items for your family or friends. There were toys, rings, necklaces, earrings, trophies, and a bunch of other things. I was just thinking to my self, “this is my last year in this school, so I guess I should give someone a present.” I looked around the shop and found nothing good until; I found a glass rose just siting there and I thought “That’s Perfect!” So I bought the rose, putted in a decorative  bag and then I just went. Leaving school, it was time to leave and almost everyone left, I still had my present in my hand and I was at my room door, staring outside. “I guess there’ll be no one to give this to”, then I went to go get my items from my room. Surprising, there was one girl left in the room and I was feeling gloomy and a little bit teary so I just said “hey, here’s a present, open it when its christmas”, then I left. I probably should have said it more better to her because, she was a nice person and she wouldn’t hurt anyone, but I guess I said it okay. Later, Valentines Day, I had some boxes of chocolates and I was just having fun on this day. You would get chocolates watch a movie and just eat a bunch of food, it was great. I talked so much to my friends and just sat all day doing nothing. Later, It was 1:00PM and I still had my box of chocolates, I was just thinking to my self, “Maybe I should give this to the same person that I gave my present to on december, and so I went to search for her. I grabbed my boxes of chocolates which was kind of small and I finally found her. I went up to her and said, “Will you be my Valentines”, Shyly. She told me “Yes”, and she also had a present for me too, which I was actually pretty surprised about. It was actually a medium-sized decorative bag and she gave it me, and I exchanged my boxes of chocolates to her. I felt kind of bad that my present was actually small but still, I was surprised that she actually gave me a present. I just thought to my self about that present, why me? Could it be that I gave her a present before or something else. Later on when I got home, I opened the present and looked at what I got. I got some Chocolates that tasted great and a Toy Bear that held a heart saying “I Love You”. I was just siting in my bedroom, getting all teary and I think at one point I cried ( I don’t remember), I didn’t know someone actually cared about me and I just sat there thinking about life and thinking about that present. 5th Grade Graduation, its time, I finally graduate and I need to find a new school to go to, but before I thinking about that, let me actually graduate first. I was siting in a row of seats, I could hear my classmates getting their names called out by teachers and then they got a handshake and a certificate. Then they finally called on my name “Mark Yang” ( And somebody else’s name). Outside of my school building, my Mom and Dad were excited that I graduated and my sister and brother are just like its okay, I was excited! My mom and dad just took pictures of me and my friends and when it was time to leave I got into my dads car and just looked at everything before we leave.  I’ll miss them, I’ll miss all of them. My friends, the Teachers, the school, I’m going to miss everything.

My Inspirations, Video Games,

One day when I was probably four years old, my Brother bought a ps2, that sure brought back a lot of memories. Infact, I still have the ps2 and I can see it right now. Short story short, I would always watch my brother play video games and I just played on his game systems and computers. Some Games that brings back Nostalgia for me are, Runescape ( 2007-2010 a PC Game MMORPG) and a Ps2 game named Tenchu Wrath Of Heaven ( Tenchu 3, 2004). Man I loved playing Video Games as a kid, sometimes my Brother would play games with me and sometimes my Friends would play with me too. Tetris, Runescape, Minecraft, Roblox, Combat Arms, Dragon Fable, Dragon Quest, Back Yard Monsters (FaceBook Game),  and bunch of other games, they were all so great. Each Video Game has a story and there are reasons why I played most of these games. Actually, let me talk about how and why I played some of these games. Runescape, I always saw my brother playing this game nonstop and the game looked so awesome ( The Graphics looked old and the game was Medieval I just loved this game). Their were many things that you can do in Runescape such as Quests, Fighting, exploring, and making money ( I didn’t know how to make money in Runescape because I think you would have to either trade players for Money or sell your items for cheap at a RipOff store). One day, I just played Runescape and played it forever ( Untill something called EOC came and then the game started to get bad and almost everyone in the game just left lol). Tetris, I was introduced by a friend that always told me to “Play Tetris”. This girl went to the same school as me and it was 5th Grade and for an entire year we just played Tetris. I mean, she was trash talking me sometimes and sometimes it was because we were playing the game and I lost or that she was trash talking just to get me to play Tetris. Then that’s were Combat Arms Came, I always played this game and in my school and nobody played Combat Arms and I was just thinking, that’s all right I guess, Until later, one of my friends were saying, “Combat Arms” and I was just staring at that guy and I was like, ” You play Combat Arms”? And he was like “Yeah”. ( Same thing Goes when ever somebody says “ANIME”)!  After wards me and that guy were playing Video games and I was on Facebook and then I get a message from that girl saying, ” Wanna play Tetris”, Then I responded back saying, “I’m playing Combat Arms with someone”. Then She wrote back ” You play Combat Arms”? Then I responded back saying “Yes”. Then that’s when the three Trio Group happened, having fun with Combat Arms and shooting people. ( Although we were getting destroyed from other teams, it was still fun playing Combat Arms with them). Minecraft, I think I played this game in the Summer time and I saw my Cousin playing this game where he was inside some sort of mine, breaking blocks and making a house N’ Stuff. My Cousin asked me if I wanted to play and I was extremely happy and said “Sure”! My Cousins Account was Named “MinecraftsLord”, The best name ever! Later on, he let me use his account ( But the offline mode only). For a year or so my cousins gave me a present for my Birthday, September 26, 2000, it was Minecraft Account! But I didn’t create the account yet until Thanks Giving. I over the time I was just thinking to my self, I want a name similar to my Cousins account, Some name to Respect my Cousin and so, I came with the name, “MinecraftsJR”, another awesome name! When my Cousin created the Account for me I was getting all excited and everything and I could remember the smile that I got on that day. I don’t regret that my Minecraft Name was MinecraftsJR because I still think that, MinecraftsJR is the best name that I could ever think of.  ( The reason I chose the Name MinecraftsJR was because JR is apart of my name and I was actually supposed to be named junior. My Dads name was also Mark and that’s why my name is Mark JR and since MinecraftsLord was my cousins account and I wanted a name similar to that I chose MinecraftsJR, Long story I know).  These were actually one of my Favorite games and these are all of the reason why I still play Video Games, because their awesome and bring back great memories.


My Inspirations Anime,

When I was 4 or 5 years old ( 2004-2005), I used to watch Naruto with my older brother and I didn’t understand anything that they were talking about. (It was on Cartoon Network). I always watched Naruto with My older Brother and later on as I got older I started to watch Dragon Ball Z. All of these Animes were awesome and when I was Younger I loved watching Ghibli Films such as Spirited away and Princess Monoke. After the years of 2010 I lost interest in Anime and at one point stopped. When I was in 6th Grade I was just exploring around on my Computer and then I saw this youtube video, it was Soul Eater and I was like, hmm, this looks pretty awesome I should look it up. ( Later on Searching up what Soul Eater Was). When I found a page to watch Soul Eater I just started to Watch it. Then this is where I started to watch more Anime shows such as Death Note, Blue Exorcist,  One piece and a bunch more other Animes as my Starter shows. After Learning what Anime Really is I learnt that Anime Means Animation ( Obviously) and it’s created by Japanese Animators. I got so into Anime sometimes I watched Anime shows from Episode 1-9 Episodes per day. ( After School till I go to sleep and sometimes would I secretly watch Anime till 12 PM). This was a bad habit for me because sometimes I would just stop waking up and I would just sleep until I had to go to school. I didn’t stop watching Anime but I did stop watching homework due to me playing games too much and not focusing on Homework ( Don’t worry guys, I finish my homework and Schedule my time to do things, like right now). Since I watch Anime almost every once in 3 days I barely watch TV anymore and I just go straight to my computer and just do things. Anyways, Anime has always been inspirational for me and it’s always been interesting for me to watch all of these shows so, that’s why I still watch Anime and I’ll never forget about it.

The Reason Why I Blog,

Because my Teacher told me and my entire class to write about a blog, The End. Just kidding Just kidding, I did get here because my Teacher assigned this to me and my entire class as a writing grade or something like that and that’s why I’m here but, I really like writing blog posts, its fun and interesting and you get to hear other people give you feedback, Opinions and Facts, it’s just awesome. Hopefully In the future I can continue on with my Blog because, It’s just something I would want to do as a part-time thing or who knows full-time thing ( Probably not full-time but hopefully part-time). So, this is all I have to say for how and the one of the main reasons I’m a blogger, and currently talking to you guys so, I having nothing else to say.


Before I go I would just like to say once again, Thank you guys for 50 Followers and, I hope I can continue on with this blog and hopefully I can help other blogs in the future and lastly, Special Thanks to these Bloggers for Helping me out either starting up my blog in a way or giving me helpful information,








And AnimeReviewerGirl:



Also Thanks to my Old and New Followers, you’ve been helpful to me and, I got nothing to else to say so Peace!

-Mark Yang



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