-An Otaku’s Life, Day 10- – (Real Life) – – Mark’s Blog-

February 10th, 2015 11:33 PM

Well; it seems I’m almost at 50 followers and I’m quite excited about that and, right now I’m in a room doing nothing but blogging about my life. Sorry to be a bit lame today but I’ve done nothing all day. Well actually; I’m trying to learn how to make websites (Or HTML). I’ve been introduced HTML by my dad and my older brother and so far, it looks quite simple. ( Back then it looked hard and complex which was a year ago). I don’t know a lot of commands and I already forgot how to the setup works ( Like <HMTL> <Head> <Head/> < Body> <Body/>, ETC). <html!>Hello World <Title/> <Head/> <Body> <Body/> ) Something like that. Since I’m a blogger, I can probably create my own website ( If I know all of the information).


February 11th, 2015 11:16 AM

Well, that was a long time till I wrote something. Well now I’m back! Well I thought I just heard someone say “Anime”, I must be going crazy because no one in my class watches Anime. ( A few people watch Anime but their not big Anime fans like me :l ). WELL, I’m back again, sorry if you missed me ( One day later). Hopefully you guys haven’t forgotten what’s on Saturday, Valentines Day, and you know what else is happening on Saturday, very depressing Animes DAY 😀 ! Which I’m probably going to watch Toradora or something else like 5 centimeters per second or etc. ( If you guys got any suggestions for me to watch I’ll try to watch it). By the way, me thinking about 5 centimeters per second is just making me anxious to watch it and it also makes me think of the word “Depressing”.  (Don’t take me too serious when ever I say “Depressing”, unless I really mean it lol). Today is Wednesday and there’s literally nothing to watch on Wednesday, unless its tomorrow ( Thursday). Theres currently 4 shows that I’m watching, Tokyo Ghoul Season 2, Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, and Magic Kaito 1412. If there are other Animes out there that are better than these shows, I’ll probably be too lazy to watch it anyways lol. ( I’m probably thinking about watching Death Parade and watching the rest of Sword Art Online Season 2, but on second thought, probably not Sword Art Online Season 2 XD. I should just watch Sword Art Online Season one instead LOL! By the way, does season 2 get any better? I mean I saw Sword Art Online Season 2 and watched a couple of their episodes but, I’m on the Alfhiem Excaliber Arc which is B O O O O O R N I N G! ! ! They should’ve had ended on Season one or create something better because when Alfhiem came along the story got boring really fast. I guess you guys don’t want to hear me talk about Sword Art Online so lets talk about something else. Why not talk about Anime Opening Songs and Ending Songs I guess. Which was your favorite Anime Opening Song ( to my self). Hmmm, probably Tokyo Ghoul Season one opening or SAO Season one Opening I can’t really think about anything else besides Blue Exorcist’s opening song or Naruto’s Opening Song ( The Current one). Hmmm, well heres two of my favorite opening songs,

Tokyo Ghoul Opening ( Epic :O ) ! ! ! :

Sword Art Online Opening ( Lovin the Opening Song) ! ! ! :

Well I had my fun with opening songs; forget doing the ending songs I’m to drowsy today, Peace!


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