-Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 Episode 5 – – (Manga References/Video/ Anime) – -Mark’s Blog-

Getting the References, Mark’s Blog:

Since this episode was very epic and it had so many references in it, why not show it to you guys right now 😀 ! There’s going to be a video Down Below and there will be a list of References that came from the Manga and bunch of other good scenes (Also if you want to just watch it, go ahead its Episode 5 ).


(There will be Spoilers in here, so you’ve been warned)

0:10 – 2;28, The Twins Story/ Rei’s Story ( A Manga Reference)

2:30 – 3:30: Juuzo/Rei vs Kuro and Shiro/ Twin One Eyed Ghouls

3:27 : Juuzo’s Daggers Scene ( A Manga Reference)

3:40 – 5:00: Tokyo Ghoul Opening Song (Season 2)

5:51- 7:00: Juuzo’s Dagger throw

7:41 – 8:40: Juuzo’s Slash

8:42 – 10:04: Tatara’s Talk

10:10 – 12:26: Ayato’s Story

12:28 – 12:59: Kaneki Turns into Centipede/ incomplete Kakuja Kagune ( A Manga Reference)

13:00 – 14:12: Amon sees Kuro and Shiro (A Manga Reference)

14:40 – 16:28 Kaneki vs Investigator ( Can’t remember his name sorry 😦 ).

16:14: “you’re the craziest one yet.” (A Manga Reference)

16:32 – 17:27 : Tatara talks part 2

18:31 – 20:55: Amon goes mad/ Kaneki and Amon meet again/ Kankei VS Amon

20:45: “I…don’t want to eat anymore…” -Kaneki Ken ( A manga Reference)

21:00 – 22:28: The One Eyed Owl appears

Well that was all of it, see you guys later Peace!

(Before I go, here are some websites for you guys related to Tokyo Ghoul 😀 ) ! ! ! :


Where I watch Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 :


Want to Watch Tokyo Ghoul Season one again, here you go! :


If you didn’t want to watch Tokyo Ghoul from that youtube video here’s a website to watch it:


I recommend reading the Manga ( Its way different from the Anime and its way better) -Mark :


If you already read the Manga and finished it, Tokyo Ghoul:RE is already out with 15 chapters! :

(When I was reading Tokyo Ghoul:RE )







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