-Hmm For Feburary Why Not Watch Some Depressing Animes :D – -( OffTopic) – -Mark’s Blog-

So, with Feburary coming up, why not watch some anime ๐Ÿ˜€ ! Not just any ordinary Anime, Romance Anime. ( Which I know only little of). The only one I can think about watching right now is Toradora ( its so SAAAD :O ). Also I planned on watching this like a month ago and here I am, busy with homework watching other Anime shows. ( I already watched Toradora if you guys were wondering XD).

(Sorry for the short post) -Mark

If you never seen Toradora, heres a trailer (English Dubbed) :

Get ready for Feburary guys, its Romance Anime Time ๐Ÿ˜€ , Peace!


3 thoughts on “-Hmm For Feburary Why Not Watch Some Depressing Animes :D – -( OffTopic) – -Mark’s Blog-

  1. As a female… being, i don’t like romance mangas/animes much. As in, I do like to see some elements of romance in a manga, a pint of it between 2 well suited characters but not a load of it.
    Is toradora like that or is it a complete shoujo romance anime/manga?
    Btw, Have you read “kimi wa boku no toriko nare”?
    It has been on hiatus since last year but man is it awesome! Try it out!
    (Also: kiwaguro no brynhildr)

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    • Well, it doesn’t have that much romance in the show but it does show up later, near the ending. Personally I think Toradora has an original story to it and you should probably watch it. ( This show is probably for both genders). Also, no I haven’t read “Kimi Wa Boku No Toriko Nare” but, I’ll think about it ๐Ÿ™‚ . ( Most of the people that I know that watched Toradora said they liked it).

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