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January, 26, 2015   7:41 AM,

I forgot to write at all yesterday and the other day but today, I’m writing! So, I did so much things yesterday, and the day before that. My brother forced me to watch an Anime with him called Fate/stay unlimited blades work, the entire season, 2 days straight. At first I thought it was going to be bad, but I guess it was good. I mean the Animation was good, and the story was good, but my brother wanted to watch it with me. I’m so tired today, two days ago I went to sleep at 10:00 PM and the next day I went to sleep at like 8:30, I’m still tired. ( Fate/Stay Unlimated Blades Work, http://animebaka.tv/anime/fate_stay_night:_unlimited_blade_works ). ( If you never seen Fate/Stay Unlimated Blades Work heres the trailer, 


11:20 AM,

So I’m back,  I’m at school currently and I’m still tired, lets see, what else did I do? I read Tokyo Ghoul :RE Chapter 13 ( Or 14 I think), and I still find it funny that Haise and his group dress up as girls XD.  ( That was funny). ( Spoilers For Tokyo Ghoul :RE) But Haise though, someone mentioned that, if Haise’s memory dies then he’ll probably go back to his normal self or something like that  ( If his memories come back it better be Kaneki Ken or else I’m just gonna be, meh). Well, since were talking about Tokyo Ghoul :RE I wonder if Ishida will create an Anime adaption for Tokyo Ghoul :RE  ( It would probably be different if it was an Anime Adaption). Sooooo, what else did I do, Hmmm. Well I got nothing ( if you never heard of Tokyo Ghoul heres a trailer and if already know about tokyo Ghoul and you finished season 1, season 2 is out now)!

Tokyo Ghoul Trailer:

Tokyo Ghoul Anime:


(this time I posted a WAO Anime website because http://www.Animebaka.TV has some sort of weird audio and including they changed the Opening lyrics and they changed some words  in the anime).

Tokyo Ghoul Season 2:


Tokyo Ghoul Manga:


Tokyo Ghoul :RE Trailer:

Tokyo Ghoul:RE Manga:


Well I guess that was all, see you guys later, Peace!



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