-An Otaku’s Life, Day 3- – ( Real Life )- – Mark’s Blog-

So, this was an ok day, yesterday was watched Naruto and the total bad bone Kaneki(Tokyo Ghoul). So, I just want to talk about Tokyo ghoul now because, EVERYTHING! ! ! Tokyo ghoul is going a different way from the manga and so far in episode 3 is pretty awesome! ! ! (Spoilers for episode 3 of Tokyo ghoul season 2). So You have Kaneki killing cops and messing up some cop cars and even Kaneki taking a prisoner! (I forgot his name), and then you see Hinami, Touka, Hide, and Eto! The one thing I would just to point out was that, Hinami looks older in the Manga while in the Anime, she kind and of looked, like a elementary kid. ( I think she was a middleschool student right)? Also you just have Hide and Touka talking and then Hide tells Touka that if Kaneki is hiding something he’ll touch his chin, just like the manga! (Also that prisoner, I forgot his name in the manga but they make him look a bit cooler in the Anime I’m not gonna lie). So with other matter besides Tokyo ghoul, I’m staying at my cousins house and probably going to go play some arcade games (YES)!!! If street fighter is there I’m going to be extremely happy ( my dad would always tell me story’s that, people would always go to a street fighter arcade game and wait in line to fight another opponent, sounds interesting).

Getting to know me a bit:

I’m a 14 year old kid that usually likes to be alone, ( don’t worry, I don’t mind being alone, I have my self, anime, manga, video games, and this blog). So far I’m an 8th grade middle school kid and next year I’m off to highschool! ( I hope there’s a club for anime or manga I’d be happy 😀 )!
Well for me and highschool, I have to apply to find different schools because, I didn’t get accepted to my first school (well I’m on “the waiting list”). So one more thing you guys could know about me is, I want to be a very good basketball player. Basketball has always been one of my dad’s favorite sport. It was his childhood sport, telling me that he would always play basketball with his friends or against others. I guess that’s enough for now guys, see you guys later peace.


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