-An Otaku’s Life, Day 2- – ( Real Life) – – Mark’s Blog-

Today was boring ( I’m at school), I mean its okay today but, its just a bit boring. Almost forgot; I watched Magic Kaito 1412 Episode 13 and 14, it was awesome (as usual). I mean Kaitou Kid is a master magician and he truly knows his tricks and illusions. ( The Skiing competition for Kaito was just straight up awesome) 

. Okay, so enough about watching Magic Kaito 1412, let me talk about video games. Wether you know it or not but I used to play Tetris allot ( When I was in elementary 5th grade). I was probably the most slowest and suckiest Tetris player out there. I played Tetris because a friend of mine kept on telling me to play tetris with her ( and I was playing different games besides that like, a facebook game called backyard monsters, Facebook game UberStrike, Runescape ( When it was still good LOL), Combat Arms, ETC). Anyways, I was sucky at most of the games that I play, LOL. Since I was introduced by her, she kept on challenging me to a Tetris battle, and of course, I lost every time. Later on, we just kept on playing Tetris and other games until we graduated. Then I was a lone wolf and played by my self, end of story. You know, I’ll probably show you guys how fast I play tetris ( I play pretty okay), but later ( I hope).

Later, Okay I’m back again, I ate some lunch and I just sat around, watching people play basket ball and just stare. Oh yeah, Tokyo Ghoul Episode 3 YES! ! ! At least I got something to watch today ( also I get to watch Naruto too 😀 ). Should I write a review today? I’m to lazy, sorry for being a lousy Blogger XD. I don’t know what else to talk about, so see you guys later, Peace!

Magic Kaito 1412:

Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 ( Root A) :


Naruto Shippuden:




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