-Magic Kaito 1412 Opening 2, A Black Suit Kaito!? – – (Anime)- – Mark’s Blog-

I don’t know about you guys but from seeing this opening song, there was a black clothed version of Kaitou ( Kaitou wears white clothing). What could this mean!? Is there another rival that Kaitou Kid has to face, or could it be someone he knows!? I don’t know about you guys but I’m going to keep on guessing on who that black version of Kaitou is, my prediction so far is his dad but on the second hand its probably not, the body of the black suit Kaitou looks exactly like the regular Kaitou. Hmmm or could it be Akako’s creation, I guess we’ll never know until we watch it for our self! Besides that, I would just like to say, this opening song was awesome! (sorry for the short post, this was all I wanted to say, see you guys later, Peace)!

Magic Kaito 1412 Opening 2 song:

1:10 Black Suit Kaitou appears



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