-An Otaku’s Life, Day 1- – Mark’s Blog-

Since I have nothing to do and I’m usually at school (not watching Anime or reading Manga, that sucks), I’m going to write about what happens to my life everyday. ( Hopefully it goes well and doesn’t turn out weird). SoOoO, with that said I’m going to start today. I’m at school right now bored out of my mind but hey, for me I get to use a computer as a desk ( So does everyone else in my class). I didn’t do much yesterday but watch Magic Kaito 1412 episode 13, YEAH! ( Only one episode though, no :l ). If I could watch Anime alone and read Manga as well, I would be happy out of my mind (but theres still the problem with everyone being near me and watching my screen some of the times). If everyone here in my class were Otaku’s I wouldn’t have a problem. So, with other things in mind, I have a test ( another one tomorrow, meh). The test was just, me reading some stories and then clicking on answers (On my computer). I don’t know if I finished the test at all because, when I was on the last answer I was just staring at my screen clicking on the button “next”. Constantly and constantly clicking and staring; just one more answer. And the “Next” button wouldn’t work, this is probably why we should use paper instead of a computer ( This is all debatable with me and my classmates). Blah Blah Blah testing, I got nothing else to do but write to you guys about how many times I clicked on the “next” button. See you guys later -Mark.


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