-I Look At The FaceBook Comment, Boku No Pico- – ( I Didn’t Know What It Was)- – Mark’s Blog-

(Before I talk I would just like to say, Boku No Pico is Hentai which is pretty much Animation Pornogophy and I didn’t know that Boku No Pico was that). Ah…( I Sigh). Just what the heck; the heck. The facebook comment said “What’s that anime” ( Referring to a picture besides Boku No Pico. Then someone replyed to that comment saying “It’s Boku No Pico, and its a very good show”.  At the time I didn’t know what Boku No Pico was and everyone kept on saying it was a good Anime show to watch, NO JUST NOOOOOO! I watched like the very few seconds of the first episode thinking like, is this an ecchi Anime? ( Ecchi means, an  perverted anime show, that’s what I think it means). And then I saw the body parts, I was just staring at the screen thinking, what am I watching… As I stare at my screen; Delete history, am I sure? I SURE AM ! So I stopped watching it. Every time I see an anime post on facebook and people say Boku No Pico, I’m just going to get the heck out of there.

( Remember that I’m only 14 years old, and my curiosity got the best of me, so that’s my excuse, and if you guys were ever wondering if I am homosexual, I’m not, just putting that out there).

well, I guess that’s it, maybe I’ll write a blog post later, see you guys later on this very weird day, peace…

Facebook comment: ” I just came here for the Story” . I laugh so hard XD.


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