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This show looked pretty awesome and I saw this on Toonami ( thats why I wanted to watch Hellsing). So this show was about zombies(Ghouls) and Vampires ( I personally don’t like to watch anything involved with zombies or Vampires either because ANIME, its not what you think when it comes to zombies and vampires but really, this show is actually about zombies and vampires, surprisingly), so far I enjoyed watching this show. I only watched like half of the first episode because of very annoying things ( when ever I played the video it would stop at the exact same time 9:45, refresh screen, watch it again, stops at 9:45, it got annoying really fast). I really liked there opening and I’ll admit, it has a very interesting first episode,        (But that girl vampire in the beginning though LOL), there was a girl who’s team turned into Ghouls and this one total bad bone guy shooting up the vampires, so far a good episode. Well that was all that I watched really, I’ll watch all of it later if I get the time to watch it, so see you guys later, Peace!


Hellsing Opening Song:

Where I watched Hellsing:


Hellsing Episode one:



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