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I just watched Tokyo Ghoul season 2 episode one and it was awesome, I’m not going to lie but, there was also some things that I was quite disappointed about the show. If your a Manga reader, you’ll understand what was different and wasn’t ( There was allot of Differences), so yeah. I was an angry Manga Reader and there was Allot of Manga readers that weren’t ( I’ll place down two videos of youtubers that talk about the Anime, it’ll be down below). I know you guys probably don’t want to hear me complain  about this show, so lets get into this very short review. Kaneki becomes more like a ghoul and now has white hair. After Jason was killed by Kaneki Ken; Kaneki goes off walking. You could see a man with a bike riding it. Later on, you could see Amon and some other ghoul investigators attacking the one-eyed king/Owl. After that, you could see Touka getting eaten by Ayato. Sooner or later, Kaneki comes and saves Touka by grabbing Touka before she could get any more hurt. Kaneki  gives Touka to Nishiki and then Kaneki goes with an all out battle with Ayato. After the fight, a ghoul appears and then Ayato gets taken from that ghoul. Much later, Touka see’s Kaneki just standing there, and Kaneki says he wont be returning to Anteiku but, he’ll join Aogori. With Kaneki staring at all of the dead bodies laying everywhere around him, a strange looking girl stares at Kaneki. Well that was all for that review, let me talk about, what I thought about this episode. As I said in my title,” I’m happy and Disappointed”, I’ll tell you guys right now. Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 is going to be an anime Original story and in the Anime it looks like an original story( No really Mark). I mean, Kaneki joins up with Aogiri(Anime),but in the Manga, Kaneki joins up with Banjou and Tsukiyama and they form a team, that just made me a bit frustrated. I didn’t like the fact that this was going to be an Original story to begin with but hey, I didn’t make the animation or even write the story, but remember guys, I’m saying this out of my opinion. Just one more thing about episode one; where was the insane Kaneki, the 103 bone breaking, where was all of that? Okay; so lets get into the good parts of episode one. The animation was cool the plot was okay, and Kaneki looked awesome, that was mainly it. Oh yeah, the ending was pretty good ( The Opening song was; Okaaay). I really wished they could’ve make tokyo ghoul season 2 the same as the Manga but oh well, see you guys later peace!


Before I go here are some sites you can go to and here’s some videos that you can watch enjoy! :

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Kaneki Vs Ayato:

Tokyo Ghoul Opening Song:

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Tokyo Ghoul Manga:


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4 thoughts on “-Tokyo Ghoul Season 2, Happy and Disappointed- – ( Anime)- – Mark’s Blog-

  1. I watched it last night. I was really happy to see tokyo ghoul but disappointed because:
    A. The opening was not as awesome as the first season (maybe i’ll get used to it but it is not much compared to season 1)
    B. The plot. Okay I get it that the writer is Ishida Sui (the real managaka himself) and he was trying to show a different plot he had in mind BUT if kaneki joins aogiri – no wait – Why would he even join aogiri in the first place?
    Or maybe he is trying to show what would happen if kaneki joined aogiri in a parallel universe?
    And it was left as a HUGE cliffhanger in the first manga – i mean really – what did those guys do for 2 years after finding out about kaneki and his powers (and the manager is with eto – [eto being a member of aogiri, do they know about the manager])?
    I was ticked off by the fact that it wasn’t according to the manga, but lets see how the plot unravels with kaneki and aogiri (if they even accept him in there lol)


    • Hmm, never thought of it as being a parallel universe or “a different plot” ( Serious). And lastly, I agree with you, why did Kaneki join up with Aogiri? ( My theory is that, Aogori Tree is actually good, trying to get rid of ghoul investigators, but there was Yamori torturing Kaneki hmmmm, this is just a theory).

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