-Counting Down For Tokyo Ghoul Seaso Two; It’s Being Released Today! ! !- – (Anime) – -Mark’s Blog-

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!! Tokyo Ghoul Season two is finally here ( its been confirmed to be on january 8th which is today). If I find a website on where you can watch season two, I’ll definatlly post it up for you viewers to see. -Mark. So with that said, I’m probably going to see how a totally weak and scared college student turns into a half ghoul half human, white haired character turning into a total bad boned super strengthened psycho . (HINT HINT, 108 bones). Oh yeah guys before I go, what I want to say is, school for me got canceled and I get watch Tokyo Ghoul Season two Today ! ! ! WOOP WOOP, see you guys later, peace. ( Maybe I’ll write a review on the episode)!

Here some websites and Videos you could look at, Enjoy:

Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode one:


Where I’ll be watching Season 2 of Tokyo Ghoul( Coming soon on January 8th!(Or in Two more days):


Tokyo Ghoul Season two Trailer:

Tokyo Ghoul : RE Trailer (For Manga Readers, the Manga is out now)! :

What to Expect in Tokyo Ghoul ( An awesome Manga Animation/Spoilers if you want) :

Just a funny Video:


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