-Counting Down For Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 ! – -(Anime)- -Mark’s Blog-

There is one more day guys Until Tokyo Ghoul Season two is here and I’m as hyped as any Manga crazed person/ Anime Crazed person right now. I know there are allot more Animes that are probably coming out ( some that I don’t know so I wont talk about them), but the one Anime show that I really wanted to see, was defiantly Tokyo Ghoul. ( If there are any shows that are having a season two or three, don’t be shy to tell me them in the comments). So with that said, one more day; just one more day.

Here’s some websites and stuff that you look at and even watch some videos until Tokyo Ghoul Season two is here Enjoy! :

Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode one:


Where I’ll be watching Season 2 of Tokyo Ghoul( Coming soon on January 8th!(Or in Two more days):


Tokyo Ghoul Season two Trailer:

Tokyo Ghoul : RE Trailer (For Manga Readers, the Manga is out now)! :

What to Expect in Tokyo Ghoul ( An awesome Manga Animation/Spoilers if you want) :

Just a funny Video:

Well thats all for now, Peace!


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