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So it seems Tokyo Ghoul will be here in Januaray 8th and for me to get super hyped, I’m going to watch this entire season of Tokyo Ghoul ( Tokyo ghoul Season one). I know that I wrote a blog post saying I will rewatch Worlds Strongest Desciple Kenichi but, I’m going watch Tokyo Ghoul first! So, I just got finished watching 2 episodes so far and for some reason, I keep on forgetting that Kaneki was a book reader, nice person, and allot more things too but dang, episode 1. ( Touka forcefully shoves a human hand into Kaneki’s mouth, that got me going for Tokyo Ghoul; there will be a video down below to see it). So with that said, I’m going to rewatch Tokyo Ghoul, there will be some videos that you guys can see, it’ll be down below or above, which ever comes first. -Mark

Tokyo Ghoul Opening:

Tokyo Ghoul Ending:

Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 Trailer (SEASON TWO COMING IN JANUARY 8TH) :

Tokyo Ghoul:RE Trailer:

Kaneki and Touka Moment In Episode One (Sorry for the Audio, Copy Right Reasons, Also no Sub’s) :

Before I end this post and you want to Rewatch Tokyo Ghoul just like me, here are some links.

Where I watch Tokyo Ghoul:


Tokyo Ghoul Episode One:



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