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Sorry for not being on, but as promised, I’ll be back blogging in January (  Probably January 5th). So lets get into this episode. ( There will be spoilers, you’ve been warned -Mark). So you start off with Nakamori, your obsessed investigator that wants to capture the very infamous, Magic Kaitou. Its been 3 Months since Magic Kaitou made a heist and, Nakmori is wondering about, why Kaitou hasn’t made a move since these 3 Months. Later, you get to see Kaito and Aoko talking about how Aoko’s father ( Nakamori) is doing and how he’s talking about Kaitou, the phantom thief ( To stop allot of confusion, when I write Kaito, its the regular “kaito”, when I say “Kaitou”, I mean the Phantom Theif Kaitou). With Kaito being sick and sneezing, Aoko gives Kaito a tissue. More Later, on the T.V its been said, “Kaito kid has sent us a heist notice.” “Tonight at 6:54 PM on Christmas Eve”. Much More Later, Nakmori is arriving to the Christmas Tree with the big star, and with Kaito and Aoko staring at the police cars, they kept walking to Christmas stores. Next, you see the owner of Toufuu and a regular businessman talking and discussing things. Toufuu wanted someone to be a fake Kaitou Kid and so, he persuaded that businessman into becoming Kaitou Kid, the owner was successful. ( The Buisnessman was persuaded by, getting allot of money, getting payed more, getting free food for life, and becoming vice president of Toufuu). Next ( my favorite scene XD ), you get to see Kaito in a doggy position, and it Aoko looked like she was in standing position ( Trust me its not what you think it is, lol. Why did it have to sound and look perverted XD, you just have to watch that scene your self to understand what I mean).

“Just hold on! You’re so impatient!” -Aoko to Kaito

Is that good? – Kaito to Aoko

A little to the right. -Aoko to Kaito

Then.. Like this? -Kaito to Aoko

That’s my left! – Aoko to Kaito

You suck at this Kaito! -Aoko to Kaito

( Sorry guys, I’m dieing from laughter right now, just the way they angled it though)!

(What they really did; hanged up some decorations inside Aoko’s house while Aoko is standing on top of Kaito’s back).

Back to the story, Kaito starts complaining on how heavy Aoko is and he’s also complaining about why Aoko does a Christmas Party every Year. *Ding Dong*, Aoko’s friends are at the door and then they enter in Aoko’s house. Later, Merry Christmas! Everyone starts to cheering and having fun and then, there was the phone call. It was Aoko’s dad and he said, he’s to busy on the Kaitou case, and then Aoko tells Kaito, my dad isn’t coming because of the Kaitou case. ( But then you realize, Kaito didn’t write that Heist notice lol). With Kaito being in shock, and then watching the T.V screen that says the Owner of Toufuu is selling Kaitou Merchandise, Kaito Vanishes. At the Big tree ( where the fake Kaito would be at), a random Helicopter is flying into the air and you could see someone climbing down the ladder that’s attached to the helicopter. With the Fake Kaitou Kid, he grabs onto the Big Star and when he thought he was going to escape; the police men and investigator Nakamori arrest him. *Boom*, a gunshot that came out of no where, the Spade Ace card almost shooting the owner of toufuu, there he is in a classy entrance, Kaitou Kid! “Merry Christmas, inspector Nakamori”. -Kaito/ Kaitou Kid . When the Police and Nakamori finds out who the real Kaitou Kid was, they chase after him. Oh, but I haven’t given you your Christmas present yet! – Kaito/ Kaitou Kid to Nakamori. With a surprise and with a snap by Kaito Kid, the lights on the Christmas Tree all burst into tiny bits of sparks. With the Christmas tree falling, it crashes into the Toufuu building.

“See you Later”. -Kaito/ Kaitou Kid

“Wait. Kid”! -Inspector Nakamori to Kaito/ Kaitou Kid

“Are you going into hiding again? -Inspector Nakamori to Kaito/Kaitou Kid

“You just dissapeared without me without any warning last time” -Inspector Nakamori to Kaito/Kaitou Kid

“It’s been eight years since then, and I don’t know what I’d do if you vanished again. – Inspector Nakamori to Kaito/Kaito Kid

“I will neither run nor hide, Inspector Nakamori”. -Kaito/Kaito Kid to Inspector Nakamori

“Untill Next time”! -Kaito/Kaito Kid

Then Kaitou Kid disspeared by throwing a smoke bomb and also left a white flower with a ribon tied to it saying, “Merry Xmas Mr. Nakamori. When Kaito returns to Aoko’s house, he begins being hungry, but there was no more food left. ( Lol). last, with Nakamori looking at the tree, “Nah, it couldn’t be”. ( The big Christmas star was on top of his tree, HA XD)!

I really enjoyed this episode, I really wished it could’ve been out sooner because, Christmas already passed. Oh well I guess, it was still a good episode.

See you guys later, Peace!

Where I watch my Anime: http://animebaka.tv/

Where I watched Magic Kaito 1412: http://animebaka.tv/anime/magic_kaito_1412/

First Episode of Magic Kaito 1412: http://animebaka.tv/watch/magic_kaito_1412-episode-1/

Magic Katio 1412 Episode 12: http://animebaka.tv/watch/magic_kaito_1412-episode-12/

( If you didn’t know, Magic Kaito 1412 came from the Anime, Detective Conan. Detective Conan has a similar Feeling that you would have in Magic Kaito 1412, so I recommend watching Detective Conan).

Detective Conan: http://animebaka.tv/anime/detective_conan/

(Sorry for any Misspellings or bad grammar) -Mark


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  1. Thanks! Even though this post is old and is probably cringe worthy with grammar issues (my blog post). 😀


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