-Tokyo Ghoul Trailer, 1st Reaction, 2nd Reaction, Thoughts,ETC- – ( Trailer/Manga/Anime/Few Spoilers) – – Mark’s Blog-

If you just want to watch the trailer, its down below, or its on top of the screen ( Which ever comes first). so, what do you mean by; “1st Reaction, 2nd Reaction”? By 1st Reaction, I’m going to tell you guys what I thought was going to happen in the anime, and I didn’t read the manga at all. for the 2nd Reaction, I’m going to tell you guys what I thought when I finished the Manga, and boy was I sad and angry on how much sad scenes that there were. ( So 2 Fingers up in the air for making me feel so sad about watching the trailer again XD. never know, I it could be thumbs or it could be my fingers)IMG_7413 (LOL).

( Some Spoilers for Anime)So lets get to the first Reaction. When I first watched the trailer, I thought it was going to be like an anime animation but instead, you get an awesome master piece that made an animated Manga ( its the best way I can say it, if you got a better word, I’ll rewrite that one word, LOL ). When I see this girl watching something, I’m like, is this Rize, it has to be rize. Sooner or later, I see something that looks like a broken mirror showing someone, probably a skeleton or something, and I’m like, ok. Later on, I see the black tiled room and I instantly knew, yep thats where Kaneki got tourtured, and then I see Kaneki and Rize, oooo-k, lets continue. Then I see some rainfall ( probably an introduction). This picture of girl, I thought she was going to be an important person, and I just kept guessing. Ok, so theres a girl in a picture, then bam, she starts fading away, What, The, Heck!? Now I see two people in there masks, one male and one female. Blah blah blah, there’s some scenes I don’t recognize and then I see some spazzing colors. Whoa Whoa Whoa, who are those eyes and who’s hand was that ( I asumed it was Kaneki’s hands because the hand has black painted nails. Later on, I see someone in white hair touching what I thought was Kaneki, but I also thought that the person who was touching Kaneki Was also Kaneki (sorry If I didn’t make any sense), so I just kept rollin’. Then I see someone In a white coat and thought for a second, DANG! ( Then I noticed what he really was in the end, and made me think to my self, WHY O_O) !  I saw a bunch of dead people, and then I also assumed the guy that was in that room was Kaneki. Later Later and Later, I see Kaneki doing a bunch of stuff, jumping and having his Kagune all out, and literately moved my chair back a bit. Then I was stunned on the next scene, like… Is that; who I think it was… So next scene, I see a happy and unhappy person, and I also assumed it was Kaneki, without even knowing what it meant and once again, I just rolled with it. Then I see some other dudes, and I see Touka Crying like WTH, and then there was another person who was Crying and that person was probably going insane. I was theorizing that, probably Touka turned white haired too but I still had a bunch of theories on who it was. And finally, there were a bunch of peoples eyes, human eyes and Kagune Eyes. *Me* DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANM, that’s a nice trailer ( And Depressing). Then I see something called Tokyo Ghoul:RE and I thought it was an Off spin and thought to my self, this is probably more depressing than watching the trailer alone. ( Then I noticed it later when I fniished reading the Manga).

( Allot of Spoilers for the Manga) My 2nd Reaction, *Me* I”M READY FOR THE FEELS, AND PREPARE TO CRY ALLOT. ( Just kidding, the feels part is all real. If you don’t know what feels mean, it means being sad or having some kind of emotion).

tumblr_static_filename_1280_v2( LOOOL, I’m dieing right now XD)!

Ok, I see Rize watching TV and I still don’t get the reference. then I see Kaneki and Rize, still not getting the reference.( For the Torture of Kaneki, then yeah I understand the Reference a little). With me and the water fall scene, I still think its just representing Young Jump/ ETC . Now, its time to cry allot; I see Yoshimura’s Wife, and think to my self, wow, ok, they showed her… (yes she was kind of important to the story). Then I see the Devil Ape and; that one lady that I cant remember her name, but man, I bet those investigators got wrecked by them XD.Then I see the Insane Kaneki, oh why Kaneki, why must you go insane. “Right”? – Kaneki. Man, I see Kaneki’s Hands, hes about to go insane, WHY!!!! Then I see Kaneki’s Chair ( the chair that Kaneki Was Tourtured in). DANG IT HIDE, why must you make so depressed, I WISH EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT BETWEEN YOU TWO O_O ! ( Later on he goes missing, What; The; Heck)!!! FREAKING ARIMA, I didn’t want to see you in your grassy place in v14 with Kaneki, again, WHY!!!! Then once again, there’s Kaneki in his Insane world, in a room with a bunch of dead bodies. Later, dang, another awesome piece of Kaneki fighting, but once again, its him going insane ( Most of these are going to be Kaneki going insane so just saying XD ). KANEKI, KANEKI, KANKI, WHY MUST YOUR EYES GET STABBED, WHHHHHHY!!!! Freaking Kaneki, why must you smile right now, ok so you say Farewell, and then you smile, and then you look away from Touka, good job Kaneki :l . DANG IT JUUZO, why must you show me Juuzo’s closest friend die and then show a picture of Juuzo crying, just right in the feels XD. Lastly, you see a bunch of eyes, which are to fast for me to even see. Later, I see Tokyo Ghoul:RE, then I started reading Tokyo Ghoul:RE, and somewhere in Chapter4-8, KANEKI! I KNOW THATS YOU KANEKI! KANEKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ! ! ! ! !

Okay guys, in a more serious sentence now, this is just me telling you guys on what I felt about the trailer, and guys, don’t take this stuff to literal, I’m not actually crying or that depressed from watching the trailer, it just shows very good references from the Manga, and some good Animation in it as well, Thanks, and good bye -Mark

Oh Yeah, here’s the Trailer, Coming Out in January. I’m Happy about it, what about you guys? :


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