-Tokyo Ghoul:RE chapter 9/10- -( Manga/Spoilers)- – Mark’s Blog-

My reaction, OMG TOUKA, ITS TOUKA!!!! Dang, she changed allot! So let’s get to the chapters. So there was just allot of talk, convincing one girl to go back to do her job as a investigator. ( I will skip allot farther ) then Kaneki- I mean Haise (purpose much Mark?), ok so Haise goes to RE and orders 4 coffees for his team, and then later he stares at Touka ( SO SAD, MAN!!! RECOGNIZE HER Kanek)!!!! And that’s how that chapter ended. It was a bit boring but it had a sad ending.

So that ends this post, here’s some pictures I took reading today’s chapter:










“Recognize her kaneki ;( “.


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