-Why Tokyo Ghoul Is Educational ( LOL ) – – (Anime/Manga/Off Topic) – -Mark’s Blog-

Yes I’m still a bit sick, but not that sick. So, lets get to the pictures. ( There will be spoilers in these photos if you haven’t read the Manga, so just a heads up).

“Whats 1000 Minus 7”? When Kaneki gets tortured and told the same thing as the picture says below, I’m glad Yamori gets wrecked, “Whats 1000 Minus 7”?  :


“I’ll Half Kill You”! Now Kaneki turns into White Haired Kaneki, he apparently went to go save Touka. Then you See Touka getting stabbed and getting devoured a little bit by Ayato ( Touka’s Brother). 5 seconds later, KANEKI is there to save the day. Later, Kaneki goes into his killer instinct and breaks Ayato’s Bones, 108 bones to be exact (Finally). :



IMG_7362( Just wanted to add this in here XD )

IMG_7357  ( I also wanted to add some pictures so here).



So see you guys later, peace!



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