-Gaussian Blur, Chapter 29 Reaction/Review- – (Manga) – – Mark’s Blog-

( Sorry for skipping chapters, and there will be spoilers; Enjoy). So in the last chapter, Yool went to the police that Wook was in trouble, and I was shocked. I mean, will the police come in time, and what will happen to that one guy troubling Wook. Well Wook was getting his self beaten, and even at one point Wook punched that guy in the freaking face, DANG! Just so much excitement. ( Why does each chapter have to have like 10 pages or 20? Also the words were Opposite, and it wasn’t the Manga way, but I guess that all right with me). So now that the police are coming to the scene, Wook is pretty much totally beat, while the guy beating Wook is smoking a cigarette. Later, the Police came in time, when it looked like Wook was about to his faced burnt by the cigarette that was coming very close to him. More Later, now that Wook and the supposivly bully from his school was in the police mans office,  a surprise visit came. ( I don’t know if that person was Wook’s mom or responsible guardian but I’m going to roll with it and say its Wook’s Mom). So Wook leaves the building crying, going inside his moms car, and thinking that his runaway days are over. ( Then I see Yool smoking again and possibly deleting Wook on her phone Contacts, A H H H H its so sad ) ! ! ! “Thats how my runaway life ended, And this may sound obvious but, after that, there was no reason to see Choi Yool again”. – Dong Wook

(so sad once again )! ! !

Well I really enjoyed reading Gaussian Blur, its kind of a reckless life story that roves around Dong Wool And Choi Yool and how they make there life choices, its a very nice story! -Mark

Well see you guys later, Peace!



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