-Tokyo Ghoul:RE, KANEKI ! ! ! Haise? ? ? – – ( Spoilers/Manga) – -Mark’s Blog-

I LOVE IT! Can’t believe it guys, they came out with, Tokyo Ghoul:RE, and currently theirs 8 chapters or 9, but I just finished chapter 8! ( Spoilers for chapter 1) lets start off with chapter one, so far they introduce the characters including the main protagonist Haise. Not only that, they introduce Akira Mado as Kaneki’s- I mean Haise’s instructor ( Or team). (Spoilers from 1-8 now), as I continue to read the Manga, I encounter some pictures that seemed very familiar and, is that you Kaneki! ! !


Who wouldn’t say this is Kaneki 😦 ? ( In the middle left, if you haven’t found him). I really hope Haise is Kaneki ( Well I really don’t want an insane Kaneki but, I just want Kaneki back) ! Well actually this was all I wanted to talk about.

Well actually, I finished chapter 9 and I was reading the cafe restaurant  scene “RE”. ( Sorry can’t remember the other guy that was in Haise’s team). When Haise Entered “RE”, I was like, TOUKA, YOMO! Touka looks so different and Yomo, I think he still looks the same. Who knows, maybe Touka and Yomo might think Haise is Kaneki or if theres going to be an all out battle in the “RE”; I guess I have to wait for Chapter 10!

So see you guys later, Peace!

Just in case you haven’t forgotten what Touka said 😦 .


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