-Getting The References- – ( Video/Tokyo Ghoul)- – Mark’s Blog-

( There will be spoilers so, just a heads up to you guys). So I will be talking about this video and I’ll throughly tell you guys the scenes. So lets begin!

In the Beginning of the video you see Kaneki getting his Ghoul eye for the first time. Then you see some random scenes, and then you notice Kaneki being in a black and white tiled room, which is probably referencing to Kaneki being tortured in that room. Later on you see Enji and Irimi, their current self and there past self. ( One of my favorite scenes). After that scene you see Yamori and Yomo and that was pretty much it for that scene. The next scene showing Kaneki sitting in a chair with Rize behind him and then Yamori Jason behind Rize with his favorite Torture device. Next, their’s Kaneki being in a ghoul resturant where Madam A is located, and Kaneki eventually interrogating all of the ghouls to find her (Another one of my most favorite of scenes). Into another scene, you see Kaneki and Touka, this scene happens because of Kaneki’s change, then later on tells him to not return to Anteiku. (Skipped a couple of scenes), While Amon went to go see Mado ( His instructor or something like that), Amon encounters a lady and it turns out to be Mado’s Daughter, Akira Mado. ( Once again, one of my favorite moments). The Next scene, you see the twin half ghouls and how they got there kagunes, also how they became half ghoul, half human hybrid. After that part, you see the flashbacks of the other characters past, such as, Touka and Nishiki . After that scene, when Kaneki goes insane and he stabs Banjo in the stomach, Banjo trys to calm down Kaneki (Sorry, to lazy to find what Banjo said to Kaneki). With people being in the black and white tiled room, its probably representing what Kaneki went through ( This wasn’t in the anime, but still, it looks pretty awesome, not going to lie)! Then once again in a black and white tiled room, you see Touka in a room with a TV and then you see Kaneki in a black and red tiled room. At the end of the video, it shows Kaneki and his operation, “I’m not a main character of  a novel or anything, but if I was a main character of it… It would certainly be a tragedy” ( Sorry if I didn’t get the quote correct).

So much scenes in here, most of them are my favorite, but unfortunately I got to go, see you guys later on this very long post, and Peace!

( I’m going to write about “Getting the reference” on the Tokyo Ghoul Trailer).









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