-Day 29, An Anime You Wished Were Real- -(30 Day Anime Challenge)- – Mark’s Blog-

It seems I’m almost done with my 30 day challenge… So what Anime I wish were real, well I’ll say Sword Art Online ( and I’m not talking about Aincraid, because being a fairy is just weird). Why I want this Anime to be real is because, its A VMMOG ( Virtual Massively Multiplayer Online Game), who wouldn’t want to go inside a game where you can kill monsters, talk to others virtually in the game, and even explore to awesome places. It would also be cool if there was the system of, If you die in the game, you die in real life but, I really wouldn’t want that happening XD ( It would be Kirito all over again LOOL). Seriously now, Sword Art Online or Gun Gale Online would’ve been awesome to have in real life.

See you guys later, Peace!



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