-Day 28, Favorite Quote From Any Anime Character- – ( 30 Day Anime Challenge) – – ( Anime/Manga/Spoilers)- – Mark’s Blog-

(There will be spoilers so just a heads up, Manga and Anime). Probably one of the best quotes that I’ve ever heard was, “its better to be hurt than to hurt others” – Kaneki Ken and also, “Shut up and listen just like that, I’m talking” -Kaneki Ken . Why I chose these is because the first one is straight up nice and innocent while the second quote is Kaneki being a total Bad @ss. Simply enough Tokyo Ghoul is messed up, including the main protagonist of the story Kaneki, even though he was nice and strong person (Before he turned into white haired Kaneki), he turns into White haired, Total Bad @ss, and even an Insane Kaneki. ( “why did you have to change” -Touka “I have faith in him” “I know he will return, to Anteiku”-Touka , so sad 😦 ). IMG_7443IMG_7445

Here is the pictures:

Here’s the second picture:

See you guys later, Peace!


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