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Just as the title says there will be spoilers ( From Beginning of the story to the end), so just a heads up. I’m truly depressed, to the point that I don’t want to watch the Anime that’s coming up in January. ( I probably will watch the anime and I will probably cry in the corner watching Kaneki die right in front of my screen). So, I just finished Tokyo ghoul and it was straight up BOOORING, but I loved it though. Why I say its boring is because, you always have to read what the “Ghoul investigators” say, and there is allot of it. For example, they talk about their ranks, they talk about there missions, ETC ETC. Then I come across Kaneki (HECK YEAH Bad @ss Kaneki), at first, I thought of Kaneki as a, normal college student, a ghoul, a human, and some what a weakling. Now Kaneki becomes insane, his hair turns white. and he’s freakishly strong. To bad, I wanted Kaneki to at least see Touka once more and even join Anteiku again. ( I think Anteiku got demolished right)? I really thought Kaneki and Touka would’ve had some sort of relationship, but I guess there wont be a Kaneki X Touka, 😦 ! ( I hate you Arima, why do you have to go kill KANEKI )! Besides this, when Kaneki and Hide meet each other again, what happened? Did Hide die from Kaneki, or did he go missing, or was it really just a “Dream”, like Kaneki said!? Now lets talk about, what will happen now!? ( In the story). The One-eyed owl escaped, Kaneki is “possibly” dead, and now Touka is waiting for Kaneki to return. Makes me wonder; what will happen next… Next Topic, I really believe that Kaneki isn’t dead just quite yet. I mean, he could’ve died but think about it, Kaneki got knifed in his head through his eye, and then again, through his head and through his other eye. Although, if a human was stabbed in the brain, they would proabably die instantly, but in this case, Kaneki isn’t human.  Kaneki wasn’t stabbed in his kakuhou ( Organ that keeps ghouls alive), I also believe that Kaneki is a very strong ghoul who wouldn’t of had died that easily, I’m just going to say, he’s still alive, event though he got knifed in his head. ( It isn’t proven if Kaneki is alive or dead).  Next topic, why did it start to get more gory and more sexual in the manga after like, chapter 80 or something like that. I mean like, you litterly see Mado take off her pants when she got drunk ( Amon was there, lol), and a whole bunch of investigators get there limbs freaking chopped off so quickly, but seriously though, Amon got his arm chopped off, Juuzo’s leg gets chopped off, and a whole bunch of other investigators got killed and most likely eaten, why didn’t any of this happen at,  rescue Kaneki Arc, and suddenly now, everyone is starting to die one by one, the humans and the ghouls. ( Hopefully this is appropriate for my age, but oh well, I watch anime like this all the time. I’m 14 by the way). My last topic, this manga is truly MESSED UP! Think about it for a second, there are ghouls who eat humans, theirs a guy who gets turned into a ghoul, then he gets tortured, he starts to change, he goes insane, and lastly, he Possibly dies in a brutal way while he is going through a mental breakdown. Theirs even allot more things that are quite extreme ( In a bad way), but that’s why I love the Manga:D !

Okay my last but serious sentence here you guys go, I; truly loved reading Tokyo Ghoul, it was quite a thrill and also a very saddening story, I really wish the Manga would’ve continue.

See you guys later, Peace.


I’ll probably post up some pictures of my favorite scenes later, but here’s the website to Tokyo Ghoul ( Manga/Anime ).

Tokyo Ghoul Manga:


Tokyo Ghoul Anime:


Good bye Kaneki 😦 :



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