-Hatsune Miku Unravel ( Tokyo Ghoul Opening) – – (Music) – -Mark’s Blog-

I’m not a big Hatsune Miku fan but guys, this song isn’t all to bad. What I like about it is that, it has quite awesome beats, and the “drop” was quite quieting yet explosive, I like it. All though I really don’t like the singing ( No offence to any Hatsune Miku fans), I really liked how, they added beats going around in the background of the video, and how awesome the picture looks. ( Just a heads up, if your going to complain about how horrible Drumstep or what allot of people refer to every techno song, “Dubstep”, here’s a couple of words, I agree with you in a sense, but I only love Drumstep/Dubstep/Drum N Base/ Trap/ GlitchHop that has very awesome beats who don’t squander there Music/song by adding unpleasing sounds or even spouting a bunch of nonsense which means absolutely nothing. One last thing, Learn the difference between Drumstep and Dubstep, ETC, Thanks and Enjoy -Mark).

Hastune MIku (Unravel) :

See you guys Later and, Peace.



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