-Day 24, Moment That Shocked You The Most In Any Anime- – (30 Day Anime Challenge)- -Mark’s Blog-

If you seen me and my Toradora Posts; yep, apparently its not over just yet. ( There will be spoilers if you haven’t seen Toradora, so just a warning to any of the viewers that are watching). There will be two Parts for “Moments That Shocked Me”, so lets begin.

When Ryuuji comes over to go see Taiga, he’s dressed up like a bear and pretended to be santa; for Taiga. ( The feelings 😦 ).  Later on, Ryuuji twirls around Taiga and eventually drops to the ground with her. While Taiga being excited that she’s with “Santa”, she knew it was Ryuuji, and took off Ryuuji’s helmet ( The Bear Head). Taiga wanted   Ryuuji to go with Kushieda so he could be happy, but when Taiga Realized that, if Ryuuji and Kushieda dated, Ryuuji wouldn’t be on her side anymore. With Ryuuji gone already, she runs out of her apartment, desperately trying to catch Ryuuji before he leaves but, he’s already gone.”RYUUJI” – Taiga.

When Kushieda and Ami fight, Kushieda loses her hair pin. With Taiga Noticing the hair pin being lost, she goes out to find it. Pretty much, everyone is trying to break up the fight, then, wheres Taiga!? With that concerning everyone, its already night time, and Ryuuji is planning to go find her. It was snowing extremely fast, and some other people wanted to come help to ( Kushieda, and Kitamura). Now there out in the blistering snow, going to the spot where they last saw Taiga. With  temptations, Kushieda wanted to go find her, when she noticed there was a hill where Taiga could be, she tried going down it. But Ryuuji stops Kushieda by holding her hand, and Ryuuji went to go find Taiga his self. With Shock, Ryuuji notices Taiga, laying in the snow, unconscious. While Ryuuji grabs Taiga and puts her on his back, Taiga starts to talk. “Ryuuji?”, then she starts to talk about how her wish didn’t come true, and that she thought Ryuuji was Kitamura. “I love, Ryuuji!” – Taiga

( My two favorite parts of Toradora, so sad 😦 )

Video 1:

Video 2:


See you guys later, Peace.




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