-The New Month, December- – (Off Topic)- -Mark’s Blog-

Christmas oh Christmas, its my favorite time of the year; everyone is happy (Well most I guess), there is awesome decorations, and allot more awesome things.

Since I spout a bunch of nonsense on my blog, I need to make it more; better.

Things I’ll try improving on:

1. Grammar

2. Better topics

3. Adding video game Related things

4. Adding Manga to my blog

5. Be more up to date, such as, ( The 30 Day Anime Challenge/ ETC).

I’ve looked back onto my blog posts and, they looked great at first but, I look back again and, it just sounds very Weird/Choppy. If there is anything else I need to know about from my blog posts, please give me a comment about it and, Sorry for the inconvenience. -Mark

Thats all for now guys, maybe see you guys later this day or some other day ( which ever comes first),   once again guys, see you guys later and, Peace!



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