-Day 23, Favorite attack someone used in an Anime- -( 30 Day Anime Challenge) – -Mark’s Blog-

So, whats my favorite attack move, let me think about it actually. I know that anyone can debate over this topic from mines to theirs, but just to remind you guys, this is all based on my opinion. (Spoilers beyond this point) From Soul Eater, Mifune’s 24 hit blow, now thats awesome. When Black Star and Mifune start to fight for the second time, I knew it was going to get real, really fast. Blah Blah Blah, after they fight for a little bit, Mifune created a chain reaction with his swords when he placed it all around Black Stars body. Then bam, Black Star got hit 24 times. This is pretty much my most favorite Attack used in any anime.

Thank you for reading and Heres the video, Enjoy:

See you guys later, Peace.



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