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( I did not create the art nor the video, just a heads up). I’ve been doing a couple of blog posts about Tokyo Ghoul Lately, so why not post some Art/Drawings of it. This has to be one of the most creative and cutest thing I’ve probably seen ( Its hard to say “cute” when your a guy, it just is. Not everyone but for me that is, does Kawaii (Cute) sound better? Oh well, here’s the video ). PS, if you haven’t watched or read Tokyo Ghoul, you may say to me, how is this “Cute”!? Watch/Read Tokyo Ghoul to understand why I say this is “Cute”.

Speed Art of Kaneki X Touka :

Well that’s it for now, Peace.

Tokyo Ghoul Anime:


Tokyo Ghoul Manga ( I suggest reading the manga, I swear its more better than the Manga -Mark) :




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