-Tokyo Ghoul Season 2- – ( Trailer/ Thoughts)- – Mark’s Blog-

One more Month guys, ONE MORE MONTH! I can’t wait to see what will happen to Kaneki or Touka, ETC characters. They better not rush the Anime again but besides this, I’m both happy and impatient right now to even see Tokyo Ghoul Season 2! ( Spoilers now, Both Anime and Manga), I want to see what will Kaneki do now and, how will he escape that hellish place that hes in now. ( I already know what happens, in the Manga ). Okay I’m done talking, because I’m bad at writing blog posts like this so, here’s the Tokyo Ghoul Trailer. I’m all up for Tokyo Ghoul, what about you guys!?

Note: ( I love the Manga so much 🙂 ) !

Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 Trailer.

See you guys later, Peace!


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