-Day 22, Favorite Weapon, Gear or Armour Used In An Anime- – (30 Day Anime Challenge)- – Mark’s Blog-

Hmm, if I could choose on- INCURSI O O O O!(Akame Ga Kill Reference, to those who didn’t get it). Okay, enough of these shenanigans, lets talk about my favorite Weapon/Gear/Armour.  Their shall be one winner today, so I choose, the Kagune ( Tokyo Ghoul). What so great about it? Do I even have to ask guys, it makes you look cool, and you have the ability to have awesome powers ( The powers can differ to ghouls). If someone has a Kagune, that means they’re a Ghoul, and besides the Kagune, if your a ghoul, nothing can hurt you ( Unless if a different ghoul uses there Kagune, or by there hand to hand combat, or, if a human is super strong, while using a ghoul’s Kagune, or by using hand to hand combat). If I had a Kagune, It would be awesome yet bad. ( Because, if you were a ghoul, you would have to eat human meat or be a cannibal and eat other ghouls, to live).

So, here’s some pics of some Tokyo Ghoul Characters and their Kagunes! :






That’s all for now, Peace!

Tokyo ghoul chibi


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