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Wow, haven’t done a Manga post in a while ( Probably because I don’t read Manga that often). I stumbled upon reading this Manga while I was searching to find some good comics(Manga) to read. In the beginning of this story, theres your regular HighSchool smart kid (Boy) who would mostly get bullied and get forced to do things also, a regular HighSchool girl who mainly does notting all day, and people talk behind her back. (Sorry I can’t get the names, because seriously, there names sound complicated, the girls name was Yool and the boys name was Wook right ( The main characters) )? While Wook being asked by a no good highschool student to do something for him, that person asks him, bring me that girl “I want to play with her”, and then I’ll leave you alone. With Wook being tempted to do it, ( Sorry, thats all I’m going to tell you guys, if you want to read the Manga I’ll leave down a site for you guys to read it).

( I Recommend Reading This. -Mark )

If you guys seen the Manga, tell me if you like the Manga or not, well now, Peace.

Gaussian Blur Manga:


tokyo ghoul


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