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( After Looking at the 5 Centimeters per Second OST I encountered this post on youtube) ( I did not write whats down below).


5 months ago

I know a guy loves me, and i was in love with him a year before..but now i don’t know if i still love him and i don’t want to cry anymore. So i thought it will be the best, not doing anything. …..,after watching this film, it seems like a incredible stupid idea. I don’t want that i lose him, (he is a very precious friend of mine) and i would regret it, if i wouldn’t do anything..and i might end up like thono….the only problem now is that i dom’t have the courage to do something….

Not now, when? Don’t do something you’ll regret later.

I want to tell you something, you are incredible lucky to have someone who likes you. I warn you now as a man of experience, do not let that chance slip otherwise you will regret it.
Wow, this sums up my life by a whole lot ( If you knew my past ❤ , which no one ever knows 😀 ) ! *COUGH COUGH* I mean what!? So, as in the first message, she says, ” I don’t have the courage to do something” and, “I would regret it”. It sounds like me a bit. I lack of “Courage” and sometimes in the end, I also regret things. ( By the way, I got this from a youtube Post, if anyone was wondering, adcept the part of me saying , “It sounds like me a bit”). But you know what, stuff happens, either you’ll become happier or even have more regrets, “stuff happens”. What made me write this blog post you may ask? Just like any other question, Its just because I’m “Bored” or that, because I really don’t know. In all honesty, I feel really sad for the person who wrote that post, and hey guys, since I’m getting depressed over such littlest things, how about I write a story for you guys to read. ( Heads Up guys 😀 !) One last thing, what did I learn? To never regret a single moment. ( But of course, I will regret some things and keep some regrets with me, because its all good).
To those who don’t want to listen to a story from me, then don’t read it. -Mark
Well see you guys Later
( If you guys see this, well good for you, This story is about me and my Past and my current life PEACE)!
Released date: Expected to be finished on December 1st , Or Later.
tokyo ghoul

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