-Day 19, Most Epic Scene Ever- – (30 Day Anime Challenge)- – Mark’s Blog-

So, there are allot of awesome or “epic” scenes out there in anime, but I’ll say, this is the most Epic Scene Ever! ( Spoilers Beyond this point if you seen Tokyo Ghoul, Manga and Anime). Kaneki VS Jason/ Yamori, best scene ever! I just recently read the manga, I mean come on Anime, why is there a couple, there should’ve be a mom and a child who died. <—( Manga). I watched the anime first, then the manga. After I read the Manga, there surely were allot of mistakes in the anime but, the Anime was still good. So back to Kaneki Vs Jason, as I said before ( In one of my blog post, I wrote about Kaneki vs Jason), Kaneki gets tortured over and over again, then he gets messed around with by Rize, and lastly, he had to choose who lives and dies, the woman, the man? Eventually they both die ( the couple/ Man and Woman). Kaneki had no more patients with Jason, and he devoured and killed the heck out of Yamori Jason.


Kaneki VS Jason Scene:

See you guys later, Peace!

tokyo ghoul


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