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I heard Magic Kaito came from this show, so that’s why I watched this show, so here’s my thoughts. The first episode is actually, not that bad. Shinichi Kudo, the main protagonist of the show, is a famously known detective who, obviously solves crimes. There are so many similar things that these two guys have in common. They both look awesome. They both have awesome gadgets. There EXTREMELY smart. And lastly, there both perverts. ( Yeah, I said it, perverts, Both Detective Conan episode 1 and Magic Kaito Episode 1). So, lets talk a bit more of Detective Conan now. I’ve only watched Episode 1, so I don’t have much knowledge of Detective Conan but, like I said earlier, Shinichi Kudo, is extremely smart, an example, episode one. ( This Will Contain Spoilers), In the beginning of the show, Shinichi Kudo, is in a room where people are partying, and then there was gunshots being fired. Easily enough, Shinichi Kudo was in a different room with police men, and witnesses. Since Shinichi Kudo knew everything, it turned out to be the persons best friend that shot him. ( Sorry didn’t explain this but, someone got shot in the beginning of the story). Watch for your self guys, if you haven’t watched it.

( I only wanted to see Magic Kaito in this show, cause, Magician for life 😦 ).

See you guys next time, Peace!

Detective Conan: http://animebaka.tv/anime/detective_conan/

Detective Conan Episode 1: http://animebaka.tv/watch/detective_conan-episode-1/

Magic Kaito 1412: http://animebaka.tv/anime/magic_kaito_1412/

Magic Kaito 1412 Episode 1: http://animebaka.tv/watch/magic_kaito_1412-episode-1/tokyo ghoul


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