-I love.. I love… CHRISTMAS :D ! – – ( Off Topic)- – Mark’s Blog-

Its that time of year guys, Christmas is coming! ( What about thanksgiving?), well to bad thanks giving. If you never knew that about me ( That I love Christmas), then you know now. Lets see how much I can keep up with this happiness ( I did a blog post, being sad about watching anime, and it wasn’t so long ago, strange)… I must be Bipolar. ( Not to take any offense to anyone who has any Bipolar or any Physical/ Mental disabilities, if you take this as a offense, I’ll rewrite this blog post) ( If your in my Class/School, No I will not rewrite it). So Christmas right, don’t get me wrong, I like it and dislike it, due to horrible memories. Here’s a hint, Young and Stupid, school time, present, waited, gone, gave away, sadness, depression. Yeah, allot of things happened after that. If you guys want to hear the story… leave a comment… WAIT ONE SECOND! I’m supposed to be happy right now, why am I giving you guys this nonsense, so back to the story on why I like Christmas. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday ( Summer second), I’ve never cared for the presents but, here. I love the feeling of being cold, in the snow, the pain of coldness, the joyfulness of snow, seeing it and waking up in the morning, I love it. Another Feeling, love, you see everyone in love, and having spirit of it, giving each one another that feeling, love. Joy, either by your self or with others, you still find a way with happiness, it doesn’t even matter who it is or your self, enjoy it. Sometimes, in the most depressing moments of my life during December or even any month, I cherish every moment of it. Sorry once again, I’m giving you guys more nonsense… WHY CAN’T I BE HAPPY WHEN IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE! Oh well, I guess its just me.

Oh yeah, to any one in my school that wants to hear my story, give me a message on facebook. Because I hate talking about depressing stories out loud in school. Cause, Me No Gusta ( Me No Like, translated from Spanish to English.

If your a Follower, I’ll just write a blog post about it, unless we can find a way to communicate about it.

See you later guys!

tokyo ghoul


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