-Day 14, Anime That Never Gets Old No Matter How Many Times You ReWatched It- – ( 30 Day Anime Challenge)- – Mark’s Blog-

There are only a very few shows that never get old to me, but the best show would be, Toradora. ( I bet you guys were expecting this from me, ha). Most of the time that I watch this show, I laugh allot, or I either go to the corner and think about what just happened ( Just joking). *Ryuuji talking to Taiga* Don’t Sexually Harass My MOTHER! -Ryuuji , one of the most hilarious scenes I’ve ever seen! Well, about the part about being in the corner and thinking about what just happened, all that I can tell is, yes I do think about what just happened in Toradora ( Trying to Prevent Spoilers). So the reason for Toradora never getting old is because, its so Original. ( Spoilers), whats so original about it is, its such a beautiful story about the dragon and the tiger, always being there at each others sides, firstly they bump into each other, becoming friends, helping each other with there love life’s, and then they finally realized, they truly loved each other and were meant to be together, always staying by each others sides. I cri erry time.

Toradora English Dubbed Trailer ( Sorry No Subbed 😦 ) :

Toradora English Subbed Anime:


Toradora English Dubbed Anime:


English Subbed Episode 1:

Englished Dubbed Episode 1:


( I Suggest you watch the English Subbed) ( If you don’t understand reading the Subtitles, Watch English Dubbed).

See you guys later while I got to the corner and cr-, I mean what, Peace 😀 !


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