-Day 13, Anime character Similar To You- – (30 Day Anime Challenge)- – Mark’s Blog-

Easily enough, Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul is probably the most similar to me. Well besides me and his looks that is, but let me explain. “I rather be hurt, than to hurt others”, and this quote kind of reminds me of my self. I don’t let anyone I “really” care about get hurt, and sometimes I get hurt and mostly I don’t. Kaneki has patients ( Spoiler alert, Episode 12 of Tokyo Ghoul Anime), even though hes getting brutally hurt and even getting two killed because he didn’t do anything, that’s allot of patients. I mean, he waited so long for someone to come save him, but when “Jason” killed the couple, Kaneki eventually kills “Jason” for torturing him and even killing a couple. Now for me, I have Patients, I can wait for a very long time for most things, but when my patients is over, its over. ( But I’m a nice guy, seriously).

Kaneki Vs Jason Video:

Yep, Jason got whooped by Kaneki.

See you guys next time, Peace


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