-I’m Traumatized (Joking)- -( Off Topic)- – Mark’s Blog-

Sorry this is an off topic post, but I just had to say something. I was watching some old cartoons ( 1970’s) and my friend told me to come look at this cartoon. I was just staring at it like, WHAT IN THE !@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#$%^$%^%^&^@&*&Ty27*Y@Y!(#@*Y@!($*Y(@! . Then I saw this guy getting something in his mouth.  In and out of his mouth, I’m still looking at the screen with the same reaction. I’m done, just done with your cartons 1970s, I’M DONE!

It was the most weirdest thing I’ve ever watched, BLEH!


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